The Ark Community Education Centre


The location:

The Ark School is situated in the slums of Kariobangi, Nairobi Kenya.



The history:

The school was founded by Bentina Alusi and her husband Bernard Alusi in 1998.The couple had been invited in the area by a close friend just to visit. There, they found a group of men and women who were illiterate. So they started an adult education centre. This did not take long before these adults requested the couple to teach their children too since most of them didn’t go to school. This couple then shared their feelings to Anne Mugala and her husband, then to Evelyn Anupi. They all bought the idea and decided to involve a team in the community. In the same room where the adults sat to learn is where we enrolled the small children in the same year.


The school:

The school has enrolled now 400 children. 14 percent are HIV positive, 30 percent are orphans and 40 percent are refugees from Ethiopia and Somalia. The school consists of 19 classes on a storey building. It has 20 workers. That is 15 teachers and 4 support staff, 4 teachers are trained in Early childhood development education and the rest are diploma holders in primary education.


The support:

Nia Children’s Foundation has supported the Ark School with food supplies each month from September 2018 until present.

The Ark school is also supported by Horn Of Africa and its construction was taken on by The Life Challenge of Africa.


Your £5 can help feed and educate one child for one month