What We Do


The problem:

Attending school is not a priority for most underprivileged children growing up in developing countries. Many parents cannot afford basic food supplies to feed their families, therefore children spend their days looking for food on the streets rather than attending school and developing an education. Many schools are formed in the slums to try and get these children into some sort of basic education, but they receive little help and funding so they struggle to provide the children with food and educational materials.

Our overall mission:

“Our mission is to provide food and educational materials in order to ensure school children in the slums of Africa are able to reach their full potential.”
The Foundation’s main aims are:
1.   Support underprivileged children in Africa to receive a basic education
2.   Ensure these children have the tools required to receive an education
3.   Ensure these children are healthy

How we help:

We identify schools in the slums which are run by dedicated teachers who are focused on educating children in their local area who cannot afford the fees required for state school. To maintain the running of the school the student’s parents try to pay minimal school fees. However due to poverty, disadvantage or illness, often families are unable to pay the fees.

Therefore in order to pay for school necessities including food, books and water, the schools rely on fundraising within the local community. A majority of money raised by the schools is spent on feeding the children; many of which do not get fed at home and what they eat at school is all they will eat for the entire week.

Recognising that food is the most important expense we have formed a partnership with local African suppliers to set up a program where food supplies are delivered to the school each month. The teachers cook this food and feed the children a daily breakfast and lunch:

Monday to Wednesday – Porridge breakfast, rice and beans lunch

Thursday to Friday – Porridge breakfast, rice and peas lunch

The cost of the monthly food supplies are incurred by us. We have also partnered with non food suppliers to provide the school with desks, chairs and educational materials including books and stationary on a quarterly basis.
The suppliers we work with sell us the required food items at a discounted price and deliver them to the school in the first week of each month. Therefore we do not give money directly to the school to purchase the items they need, but instead provide the school with a ‘service’ by sending them food supplies via an external supplier. This set-up ensures that donors know that their money is directly benefiting the children in the form of food supplies and educational materials.

The impact:

The structure of this program is very simple but the impact has allowed us to make a massive difference to these children lives. The children now regularly attend school, have a healthy breakfast and lunch every day and are much more alert and active in class.

Our future aims:

Nia Children’s Foundation’s goal is to support as many children as possible within these growing schools. If possible we would like to support more schools, replicating our model of providing the school with a ‘service’ of food supplies and educational materials. This venture will provide hundreds of children with daily meals and enable them to attend school and receive a basic education. It will also allow the schools to use the funds they raise on training teachers, paying the rent on the school building, providing safe water for the children etc.

We support a school for 2-5 years and within this time frame work with them to become more sustainable.

Only 57% of African children are enrolled in primary education, and one in three of those does not complete school.  Source: Africa 2015

Children in school
Feeding children
Happy child
Smiling child

Your £5 can help feed and educate one child for one month