A huge thank you to Taqi and his team at Pollman’s Tours & Safaris for partnering with us to supply food packages to our children and their families. Pollman’s have not only donated hundreds of food packages, but also spread the word of our work to try and get more support. We really appreciate this support at such a difficult time for everyone! A huge thank you from our children and their families.

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I recently connected with Shezmin, founder of Nia Children’s Foundation, and following discussions was amazed by the work she and her team have been doing to help feed children.  Supporting two schools accounting for over 700 children in underprivileged areas.  She had researched and identified that by providing food it encouraged the children to attend school, thereby giving not only much needed nourishment, but a secondary benefit of education.  With nourishment and education it gives these children the opportunity to develop skills to create better lives for themselves as they grow.  With the current crisis, the foundation had to evolve with the closure of schools and they turned the lunch donations into food parcels on a fortnightly basis.  I was amazed with the continued efforts to ensure children and their families from the school received nourishment.  It was at this point, I decided it was time for us to support this social care project.  Shezmin and her team ensure 97% of the money collected is used for the food parcels giving maximum benefit to the children and their families.  To date we have supported two food parcel drives and have seen the difference the donations have made to their lives.  A quote made by Nelson Mandela – “We can change the world and make it a better place.  It is in your hands to make a difference”.  Nia Children’s Foundation has taken that to heart and is making a difference.

Taqi Moledina, Chief Executive Officer, Alpha Travel (UK) Ltd