1st Annual Nia Skydive

Have you got what it takes to jump 13,000ft?

Our adrenaline junkie fundraising event for 2011 was a Tandem Skydive which saw twelve Nia supporters jumping over 13,000ft out of a plane to raise money for our beautiful kids food supplies and educational materials…

In total our supporters raised an amazing £5,458 to support the children’s education.

A HUGE thank you to our brave Skydivers below for taking on this incredible challenge:

1. Shezmin Madhani                  7. Dina Patel
2. Ayesha Sayani                         8. Kay Yeong
3. Safiya Sayani                           9. Neeta Patel-Keena
4. Shinal Desai                           10. Jessica Lamb
5. Sheetal Patel                          11. Steve Lamb
6. Davina Jhummun                 12. Tom Lamb

I took part in the 2011 Nia skydive with my sister and best friend. We had such an amazing day – it was fun, exhilarating and a life changing experience for all of us. We got to meet some great people and we all made the most of the day in the sun! I would highly recommend completing a skydive to anyone and doing for a charity like Nia made the whole thing so much more worthwhile, knowing that we went through it for all the right reasons – and it is something you can tick off your bucket list too! It left us with a lifetime memory and wouldn’t have missed it for the world – Can’t wait for the next adrenaline eventide that spark.

Ayesha Sayani, Skydive 2011 participant

Your £5 can help feed and educate one child for one month