Kilimanjaro Climb – October 2010


Mount Kilimanjaro facts:

– It is situated inside the Kilimanjaro National Park in Tanzania
– Consists of three volcanic cones; Kibo, Mawenzi, and Shira
– It is the tallest mountain in Africa and the highest free standing mountain in the world
– It is 19,340 feet high
– You go through 5 different climatic zones to reach the summit
– The summit is called Uhuru Peak which in English means ‘Freedom’.
– On Uhuru Peak there is a wooden box containing a book in which almost every individual to reach the summit has recorded their impressions of the world from the highest point on the African continent.

Five Nia supporters climbed Africa’s tallest mountain on Saturday 9th October to raise £2,472 for the children’s food supplies.Thank you to all the generous donors for sponsoring our climbers and a HUGE thank you to our five brave climbers:

  1. Dina Patel
  2. Anita Patel
  3. Orion Rodriguez
  4. Amish Patel
  5. Mitul Patel

We are all so proud of you… Not only have you helped to keep these children in school, but you have also achieved something that requires great commitment and courage. Thank you!

In February 2010 four friends and myself made the choice to take on the challenge of climbing the highest mountain in Africa – Mount Kilimanjaro! The climb was booked for October 2010 and training was underway. The only thing left to decide was, which charity should we raise money for? As the climb was to take place in Tanzania and the fact that many of my relatives are from East Africa, made me feel a strong inclination to raise money for a charity that worked in aiding poverty there. Many well-known charities that do great work in Africa came to mind, but I still was unsure of which one to choose.

Coincidentally at that time I was introduced to Nia Children’s Foundation and once I found out more about the charity and its work in Kenya I felt inspired and touched by the cause.
It was within an instance that Nia Children’s Foundation was whom the team decided to help raise money for, a truly worthy cause!

In October 2010, the climb was achieved and we raised a healthy sum for Nia. The donations we collected went toward feeding, clothing and educating the children, which made us even more proud of our achievement in reaching the top of the mountain!

The Charity was registered in April 2010 and has come a long way since, with new projects planned for schools and a vision to recruit a new school every two years. As a team we feel really proud to be part of the charity and have a direct impact on the health of these children…

Dina Patel, Kilimanjaro Climb 2010 participant and Events Volunteer

Your £5 can help feed and educate one child for one month