Kibera Kids Golf Classic – July 2013

On July 22nd, Denise Chyczij and Matthew McCrory from Toronto, Canada held the first annual Kibera Kids Golf Classic fundraising event in support of Nia Children’s Foundation with many of their friends and family.

Upon returning from visiting her sister in Nairobi, Denise discussed with Matt the idea of a fundraising event to raise money for underprivileged children in Nairobi. Denise witnessed firsthand some of their challenges with daily life and wanted to help and support them in some way.

After some discussion with her sister and local residents, it was suggested that the Nia Children’s Foundation be the organisation best suited to deliver on what the event’s true intentions would be; raising money for local children.
At 10:30am, the event took off with 36 participants taking to the course. Volunteers manned a fun and innovative raffle with which participants bought a single dart, threw at the board and received tickets for the number hit. The putting contest was a huge charitable success with only one participant draining the winning putt and receiving half of the total game’s pot. $310 CDN was split between this year’s putting winner and the charity.

The events raised a total of 1200CDN which will help us feed over 156 children for one whole month!

Looking to the future as what’s hoped to be an annual event, Denise and Matt would like to thank all of the parties involved including the volunteers, family, Burlington Springs Golf Course, Waterford Tax & Advisory, Flattery Design Landscapes and all of this year’s participants for their donations, time and overall contributions to the success of the inaugural event.

Your £5 can help feed and educate one child for one month