Fatima Popatia and her family visited the children to understand where their donations were being used. The children loved meeting donors and especially the yummy biscuits which they loved as a treat! Fatima and her family visited the school this summer and loved spending time with the kids.

Visiting the Destiny Junior Education Centre was the most eye opening experiences of my life. Growing up, because every child around me was of course enrolled in school, I didn’t think about the privilege that gave us. But seeing how happy these Kenyan children were to be in school because other children around them weren’t, showed me how vital education really is. Education is the foundation every child needs, no matter where they are in the world, to learn right and wrong and basic life skills to help them in the future.  It was heartbreaking seeing the ripped uniforms on the children and the slums where they live but at the same time uplifting that these children were getting help to hopefully build a better life for themselves and their families. And with that, you would think that because they live in the slums these children would be discouraged, but instead the children were the same, if not happier than the children I’ve known in first world countries. Specifically, we visited at lunch time to see the impact that Nia Children’s Foundation has had on these children. Education and food go hand in hand because for a child to be motivated, focused and at their best, they need food, energy and strength. The children quickly got into lines with a plate to get their meals and once they got them, you could see how grateful and excited they were for it because it could be the only meal they got that day. In conclusion, I saw how we can support children with food and education and how much that influences their lives.

Tahir Popatia, Donor, Canada