Erwann’s Eight Month Cycle – September 2011

A brave Nia support Erwann completed a 241 day bike journey across Asia and raised over £622 for the children in Kenya. Erwann started off in Istanbul, where he flew to from Heathrow Airport on the 7th September 2011… 241 days and more than 10K kilometers later he finally arrived in Singapore.

Erwann took some incredible pictures of the Nia T-Shirt with some amazing back drops along his journey…

Although riding my bike from Istanbul to Singapore had been a personal project from the start, I’ve got to know Nia Children’s Foundation and about its work and it had really appealed to me. It’s a down-to-earth small charity focused on children’s education in rural schools in Kenya, and I strongly believe that education is the basis for a better future. I was grateful to all my friends for their support and the interest they showed in Nia, and hope the charity will continue to grow. This journey has affected me in many ways, but I’m mostly glad to know it will benefit unprivileged children.

Erwann Le Roux, Event participant

Your £5 can help feed and educate one child for one month