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Nia Children’s Foundation is a fresh, young and professional charity dedicated to improving the lives of children in Africa through nutrition and education. Above all, we want to show others that fundraising can be fun, and not a chore, like many find. We choose not to ‘guilt’ people into donation but instead prefer to inspire others to take action by showing them the benefits of our work.

We have a number of cost free schemes targeted to small and large businesses. These schemes will enable all employees to get involved and inspire them to support the children.

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Holiday Inn Camden Lock is proud to be sponsoring the annual charity football tournament which brings together hundreds of budding footballers and Nia supporters for a competitive day of sports. We love how the charity mixes sports with fundraising and allows us to get involved to see exactly where our donation is being spent; a very transparent and effective charity.

Al-Karim Nathoo, Managing Partner, 4C Hotel Group

Being able to use our printing and design services to support a fantastic grass-roots charity allows us to do our part for the community. The great work of Nia Children’s Foundation enables children in Africa to have a positive future and we are lucky enough to be part of that!

Pritesh Ghelani, Managing Director, Liquid Bubble Media Ltd

Your £5 can help feed and educate one child for one month