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If you have any questions about the work that we do or would like to visit any of our projects, please contact us via the details below:

Shezmin Madhani – based in the UK
T: +44 (0) 7958 143 079

Duncan Mahangilu – based in Kenya
Project Coordinator

Nia Children’s Foundation
UK Registered Charity: 1135226

There are those who enter the world in such poverty that they are deprived of both the means and the motivation to improve their lot. Unless these unfortunates can be touched with the spark which ignites the spirit of individual enterprise and determination, they will only sink back into renewed apathy, degradation and despair.

It is for us, who are more fortunate, to provide that spark.

Aga Khan IV, India, 1983

Your £5 can help feed and educate one child for one month