300ft Bungee Jump

The highest jump in the UK… for all the adrenaline junkies!

Our bungee jump successfully took place on Saturday 27th February in Maidenhead.  All the jumpers had the courage to overcome their fears and no one chickened out (thankgod!)… The exact amount raised was a massive £3,793. One jumper alone managed to raise a staggering £750, well done Rahul Sharma! Thank you to all the jumpers below for taking part and all the supporters who joined us on the day.

1. Sarah Madhani                       11. Shiv Haria
2. Sherin Manji                           12. Umar Nawaz Khan
3. Harjinder Dugg                      13. Aadil Datta 
4. Shaun Sylvestre                     14. Anil Mansigani
5. Ayesha Sayani                        15. Ibrahim Parwaz
6. Shinal Desai                           16. Rahul Sharma
7. Akhil Mohindra                      17. Paulomi Patel
8. Ruby Johal                              18. Jasmit Hundal
9. Sheetal Patel                          19. Nimita Patel
10. Pradeep Kulatilake             20. Davin Patel

I took part in Nia’s first ever extreme sports fund-raiser, the 2010 bungee jump. Not only was the actual jump an amazing, adrenaline filled, social day, the fun started way before jump day when I was raising funds. Speaking to friends, family, co-workers and even strangers about what Nia is, what just a £5 pound note can do and how far the money you spend goes was just as fun!

Showing people pictures of the kids Nia feeds, the thank you drawings they send and speaking about founder Shezmin’s dedication to changing the face of hunger in Africa one child at a time was equally a highlight of that event for me.

The actual jump was awesome, (and terrifying!) And for the 20 of us who did it, a real accomplishment to not only do the jump but to commit to raising the minimum amount and knowing that we would be feeding a whole school for a year! However the real accolade goes to Shezmin for jumping head first into creating Nia. She took a leap and has never looked back.

Sherin Manji, Bungee Jump 2010 participant and Events Volunteer

Your £5 can help feed and educate one child for one month